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  1. Rates may be waived for Cougar-specific advertisers who support the CATS with reciprocal advertising or discounts for CATS members.

  2. Advertisements must be related to the automotive hobby and deemed of value or interest to the members

  3. Ads may not state of imply CATS endorsement without express, prior authorization​

  4. The CATS may reject any advertisement in its sole discretion


(PRICES are the same for COLOR and B/W)




  • 2 PAGE SPREAD - $200

  • FULL PAGE - $150

  • 2/3 PAGE - $125

  • 1/2 PAGE - $100

  • 1/3 PAGE - $75 

  • 1/4  PAGE - $50

  • 1/6 PAGE - $35


Event publication will be handed out to all registered attendees June 8th-12th, 2017.  All ads are in color unless B&W is requested by the advertiser.  All print advertisements include complimentary 1 yr. online listing on the CATS Club website.

Questions? Ready to purchase?  Click HERE and contact us today!

Or call Scott Zeller, Club Services Director at

847-471-8225 /

Advertising Specifications

Materials Requirements

Publisher takes no responsibility for reproduction if these requirements are not met. Digital ads required


Digital Ad Specifications

Provide PDF files created to PDF/ X-1a:2001 settings. All fonts must

be embedded in PDF.

• For partial or nonbleeding ads, build design document to ad size

• For full-page ads that bleed, build design document to trim size (8 1/4

x 10 7/8" ) and extend the bleed at least 1/8" beyond trim size (include

printers trim and bleed marks when outputting the file)

• No marks should be included in the bleed area

• Text and design elements not meant to bleed should have a safety of 1/4"

from the trim to ensure they are not cut off

• All color must be converted to Process CMYK with spot designation removed

• Transparency layers must be flattened using high resolution

setting or rasterized prior to creation of PDF and file submission

• Image resolution for continuoustone-type images should be 300 dpi

Publisher is not responsible for transparencies that are not properly flattened. Hard copy color proof is required. Publisher accepts no responsibility for reproduction if color proof is not supplied.

We do not accept application files like Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. Save files to PDF from these applications to

PDF/X-1a:2001 settings.


Advertising Materials

• Publisher is not responsible for loss of, or damage to, materials.

• Materials are held for one year, and then destroyed, unless publisher isinstructed otherwise in writing.

• If not advised at space closing of a coupon ad, publisher will not guarantee placement.


Send all artwork to: Scott Zeller

Club Services Director

Payment Terms

Additional 2% discount applies if payment is received within 10 days of

invoice date. Billing to the advertising agency is based on acceptance by

the advertiser of “dual responsibility” for payment if the agency does not

remit within 90 days. Any advertising agency or third-party booking space

reservations on behalf of a client must be current in their payment status.

CATS reserves the right to contact the client to inform them of the agency’s

delinquent payment status and the potential consequences for both ad

agency and the client. Prepayment is required for all first-time advertisers

and may be required if subsequent invoices are not paid in a timely

manner. Publisher reserves the right to notify client if agency refuses to prepay.

Publisher reserves the right to short rate advertisers if frequency agreement is not fulfilled.



Not accepted after closing date. All cancellations prior to space closing

date must be made in writing and acknowledged by CATS.

Publisher’s Protective Clause

Advertisers and their agencies assume full liability for all content of advertisements printed and responsibility for any claims arising

therefrom against the publisher. The publisher is not liable for errors in Ad Index listings. All advertisements must be clearly identified with a trademark and/or signature of the advertisement. The word “Advertisement” shall be printed prominently on advertisements

that, in the opinion of the publisher, might be confused with editorial pages. Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement not considered suitable for publication.  CATS reserves the right to cancel any ad contract at any point.

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