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Frequently Asked Questions

How is CATS Classic Cougar Club different from other clubs? 

  • CATS is an exclusive club dedicated to the Classic Mercury Cougar. Most members belong to other car clubs within their community, too, but our members enjoy the diversity of Mercury Cougar participants across the country and share that common mindset of driving their Cougars. We’re focused on maintaining, restoring, modifying, driving and camaraderie. Our events are geared toward driving, touring and the passion for the Mercury Cougar. We strive to do things differently than typical car clubs. We attract a different sort of person and it’s our members that make us different.


Who is eligible to be a member? 

  • CATS main focus is for those who have a passion for the classic Mercury Cougar cars.  Please see the Membership page for details.  However, you don’t have to own a classic Mercury Cougar to join the club, just appreciate and want to support the Cougar lifestyle.


Is there a fee for attending your events? 

  • There is no fee to attend as a spectator.  However, some parking within the event area may be restricted to CATS members displaying their parking passes, which they receive by becoming a member.  


Can I still come to a CATS event and be on the email list for events if I don’t become a paid member? 

  • Spectators are always welcome. Parking admittance to our car shows and invitations to our events are part of your annual membership. While we will have some day pass spaces for non-member drivers, these are not intended for repeat drivers.


Is CATS a non-profit organization.

  • Yes, we are filed as a 501c non-profit


Why does CATS charge for membership?

  • CATS is a  special group of like-minded Cougar enthusiasts. We come from a variety of backgrounds and incomes, but we have something in common—a passion for the types of cars that we drive. Like most clubs, there are costs to exist, and our members pay a nominal amount to ensure that the club remains active, so that our activities and events remain.  CATS has no paid staff, but there are expenses for planning, organizing, running and executing club activities and associated marketing/promotional materials. The events require insurance coverage, permits, application fees, marketing, signage, etc., most of which is paid before car season starts.  We use your membership dues to ensure that you have a safe, fun and reliable experience with CATS.  The more funds we have, the more we can do. Simple as that. If you support what the club is doing and want to help ensure that it continues, then please consider joining or making a contribution.


Why don’t you include other American, European or Japanese cars? 

  • We absolutely appreciate, enjoy and own American, European and Japanese cars, but our passion is maintaining and driving classic Mercury Cougar cars. There are several other clubs and events for American, European and Japanese enthusiasts. Our members have a clear preference for maintaining our current focus. We aren’t trying to be the biggest classic car club, just the very best classic Cougar club! 


Who can I contact with additional questions?

  • Please fill out our contact form and someone from CATS will be in touch with you directly.  Please CLICK HERE.


Where can I review your Privacy Policy?

Where can I review the Waiver of Liability?

What happens if there is rain in the forecast before a scheduled show?

  • CATS hosts all of their national and regional shows rain or shine.   



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